And the Lord remembered Sarah
as He had said, and the Lord did to Sarah
as He had spoken.(Genesis 21:1)


Wow! That’s exactly what comes to my mind when I wake up and see it’s no longer a desire to be a Mother, but that it’s true! My story to becoming a Mother is such a crazy adventure, I still can’t believe it’s a reality!

You see, I’ve had about 10 miscarriages; I stopped counting after a while, because I started to believe it just was never going to happen for me. It just seemed like it was a want, but not something God wanted for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I was never really angry; I somehow understood and had a peace about it. Well, I can’t lie when Mother’s Day would come along my heart would hurt; which then would pour out through my eyes. Yet, once the hurt dried out my days would be business as usual! I was always all over the place! I loved to move around the United States and explore what a beautiful country I lived in.

Long story short, one day my Husband and I had a gut feeling that it was our time! We went out to a Matisyahu concert and everything was just different; we were social butterflies!! Yet, this concert just felt so different; almost like we knew it was going to be a while before we’d see another concert.

We took a test and it came out positive; normally this would not get us too excited because of our prior miscarriages we had. But, man; oh man were we excited!! I understood then at that moment what people meant when they’d say; “When the time is right you’ll know!” Boy did we know!! We went to the doctors appointments like we should. I took my prenatal pills like I should. Then we finally reached the point of no return!! We were so excited!!! Life was changing as we knew it!

Fast forward to the moment of labor and it was such an amazing experience for me! I won’t lie I cried, not just because of the pain of labor; but, also because the day had finally arrived!! I was moments away from officially becoming a Mother!! So many emotions ran through me that day, and it’s a day I could never forget! It’s so true what they say; “After birth you forget the pain you went through, and fall so deeply in love with your child.”

I sit here 7 months later and thank God for my daughter! She’s such a wonderful little human being to be around! She’s not perfect, but she’s perfect for me!!

Now the realness of Motherhood starts now! It’s  time to set examples, goals, teach, and as well learn the true meaning of life! We think we know it all till we become responsible for another persons life. What we teach our children is far more important than what we think we know!

Out of all the challenges in this world this will be the greatest and best one of all!! I look forward to it, and most importantly; I look forward to watching my daughter grow into a beautiful, God fearing, strong, sweet, compassionate, forgiving, loving, nurturing, and successful woman in life.

Welcome to Motherhood!!!

With Love & Encouragement,